Cloud Adoption

Enterprises growing are looking at the cost of running their IT departments. IT operations is considered to be common cost center for most organizations. With the advent of cloud computing technologies, there are new choices enterprises could make to move away from the traditional CAPEX model. However, with the availability of wide range of hosting options, pricing models and security features, organization have to carefully plan the transition. Organizations have to keep the know how about the service providers, Infrastructure offerings, Pricing models and lockin periods to perform a cost benefit analysis to move to an OPEX model.

May the need be for the organizations to reduce time to market, increase collaboration, contain costs or improve security, our expertise in the industry helps you embark the journey

of cloud adoption to transform into a Stable, Scalable, Agile and Secured ITOps environment. We work with most of the public and private cloud service providers to plan your cloud adoption. Our experts perform on-premise infrastructure assessment, capacity provisioned, consumed and usage patterns to right size the infrastructure on cloud. We have the knowhow of the infrastructure hosting models that we map to the functional need of the organization, come up with migration plans with measurable milestones. Our experts recommend the right options for consolidation, lock-in periods and geographic location to meet your security needs, availability needs and business needs to reap the benefits of the cloud adaption.

Our onshore, nearshore and offshore engineers provide the required post-migration managed support that helps in transforming into a NoOps or LeanOps IT organization.

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