• Real time Event Management

Organizations generate data at every level of the IT infrastructure i.e. firewalls, network devices, servers, applications, databases and EUC devices. Data collected is categorized into security, operational, resource utilization, personal identifiable information etc.. Ensuring this data is appropriately used for the reasons why it is generated is a challenge for any organization. Using the data to make decisions in real time to address fraud or cybersecurity needs or near real time for trending or analytics purposes require systems that capture and process data within few milli or micro seconds. As more devices are added to the ecosystem, they need to seamlessly integrate and data ingestion from these devices becomes critical. OpsAlliant’ s real time event management suite provides the framework to address this need of the organizations, provides an out of box solution that could start small and scale out as needed. Provides connectors to industry standard data generators and sinks, lets organizations focus on the business by leveraging the insight provided by the data collected.

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